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Centrica: The challenge

Against the backdrop of a rapidly shifting energy landscape, Centrica wanted to transform its image as a traditional utility company to that of a technology-led service provider investing and innovating in technologies such as artificial intelligence and innovative energy creation and distribution methods.

Centrica was looking to develop the narrative around its innovation capabilities, delivering targeted messages to a range of professional stakeholders.

Regular multi-format content to boost brand

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Our approach

Through a series of workshops, data analysis and the leveraging of social listening tools we developed a number of audience personas. The team used this insight and data to inform a visual identity and content strategy for a dedicated content hub.

Using our digital toolkit, we identified key topics of interest to the various audiences that aligned to Centrica’s messaging and would allow it to shape and drive online discussion and engagement. We uncovered those influencers shaping the energy conversation.

Before developing the stories, we first conducted competitor and share of voice analysis, before in-depth research in the subject area. The story was then mapped out, with the narrative flow, messaging and focus areas agreed in advance.

Our team of former journalists interviewed subject matter experts to produce compelling written content, while our visuals specialists filmed and edited videos and built graphics and scrollmations.

Each article was promoted via targeted social media campaigns which built on our research insights to maximise reach and engagement from our desired audience.

Targeted storytelling to shift the conversation


The outcome

Our campaign of targeted multi-format posts successfully drove significant improvements in story views and engagement on Centrica’s platforms.

  • Story dwell time increased 139%
  • Story views increased 259%
  • Click rate rose grew 120%
  • Engagement on social platforms leapt 665%

By identifying the topics that would resonate with Centrica’s desired audience we helped drive a perception of Centrica as an innovator in the energy space: a survey of website users found nearly a quarter associated it with innovation and new energy solutions.

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