We’re buzzing to be a B Corp

We’re buzzing to be a B Corp

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Formative Content · We’re buzzing to be a B Corp


Formative Content is now a certified B Corp!  

This means we’ve joined a band of more than 6,000 purpose-driven companies globally who, like us, are committed to doing business better. 

We’ve always had an eye to how we can run Formative in a way that benefits the people working for it and our wider community – and we see this as our official pledge that we will continue to be a responsible business. We fundamentally believe it is possible to balance both profits and purpose.

The B Corp movement is about being mindful of our impact on people and the planet as we go about running a successful business. It means we are committed to high standards of social and environmental performance, and that we will be accountable and transparent in what we do.

B Corporations work to improve business under five broad pillars of impact

A better way of business

Working in this way is already part of what Formative is. A year and a half ago, we decided to become an employee-owned business, meaning that we all get a say in the running of the business we work for. And earlier this year we were also accepted as a participant in the UN Global Compact, the world’s biggest sustainability initiative.

But achieving B Corp status is not just a rubber stamp or an end point. 

As part of the assessment process, our environmental and social impact was measured against five pillars – workers, the environment, customers, community and governance. This assessment is publicly available – and we will be reassessed in three years. This not only ensures we are held to account, but it also raises the bar, making sure we are continually trying to improve.

As a B Corp, we also have to make legal adjustments to our business that tie us to considering the impact of our decisions on all stakeholders – our people, customers, communities and the environment.

Raising the bar

We know there are areas where we need to improve, and we are working across the business to identify where we can do better. We will keep you updated on our progress.

As a company, topics like sustainability, purpose and equality are recurring themes in the content we create for our clients. And so we are proud to be walking the walk with our B Corp certification for both people and the planet.



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If you would like to know more about Formative Content, please email Alex.gray@formativecontent.com

About the author: Charlotte Edmond is an editorial team manager and senior writer at Formative Content. She also leads our sustainability working group. Connect with Charlotte on LinkedIn here.

Charlotte Edmond - Editorial Team Manager
Author:Charlotte Edmond - Editorial Team Manager