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Report reveals the future of events is secure, but only if the industry is ready to adapt

More than a third of event organisers acknowledge they will need to be agile and innovative if they are to withstand the pressures of technological developments combined with an unstable economy. That’s the finding in an industry report following a series of surveys involving hundreds of attendees and organisers of business events. Over 90% of organisers believe their industry does has a secure future, but 35% of them concede that they will need to adapt to survive.


Of the survey participants who had attended a business event recently, almost half went primarily for the networking. And events organisers ranked people’s need for connection as one of the key elements that will serve to secure the future of events


Even in a world where we are hooked to our mobiles, tablets and screens, what people are seeking is even more connection.”


In a separate survey of over 200 business professionals, events and conferences came out as the top means of gaining industry insights, learning and connecting, with 27.5% placing this first. In second position for gaining insights were social media, blogs and online content with 17.9% of the vote. It follows then, that combining the potential where to buy clomiphene tablets impact of both to enhance the audience experience could be a powerful combination.


Many of the applications and possibilities for online content and social media are not yet being exploited fully by the majority of large-scale business event organisers.


From video to live blogging and tweeting, the opportunities to share takeaways and support connection amongst delegates – not to mention a wider audience – are ever expanding.


Being part of the conversation – and staying relevant  – is the goal.


“Key to that relevance is building communication across all appropriate platforms through intelligent, useful and interesting content,” explains Gay Flashman, former Channel 4 News Managing Editor and CEO of Formative Content, a journalist-led content marketing agency. “You must offer comprehensive coverage and content before, during and after the event, ensuring longevity of engagement and a boost to your brand or event’s credibility throughout the calendar year.”

Maintaining website content

Two thirds of the event attendees surveyed expect events to have a live website and active coverage well in advance of, and for some weeks after, the event.

More than a third would go a step further, expecting a year-round online presence to be considered credible.

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Gay Flashman - CEO, Formative Content
Author:Gay Flashman - CEO, Formative Content