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Tom Crowfoot

27th March 2023

My life as a Digital Marketing Apprentice: Tom Crowfoot

It’s one of Formative Content’s USPs that we have a team of writers with decades of journalism experience...

7th March 2023

Three things we’ve learned about engaging everyone on equality

International Women’s Day gives us all a chance to reflect on another 12 months in our workplaces: what we’ve been doing well and...

1st March 2023

Building a workforce that reflects society – Formative’s approach to diversity, equity and inclusion

It is very easy to have good intentions on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). Delivering on them is far harder.

20th February 2023

Twitter, LinkedIn and beyond: Here’s what our analysis is telling us about B2B audiences

What do we tell our clients when it comes to social media? And what does our data tell us about the current situation and the outlook?

13th February 2023

Generative AI: The now, and the future

The ‘next big thing’ in AI is equally exciting as it is unsettling.

1st February 2023

5 insights from Davos for corporate communicators

The World Economic Forum adopted a newly minted word to frame the debate at its 2023 Annual Meeting in Davos...

A panel at #wef23 in Davos

25th January 2023

Five takeaways from our multimedia live coverage at Davos

Talking freely, openly and in person made for an engaging debate across the week at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos.

Davos, Switzerland

11th January 2023

Davos 2023: What to expect

Leaders from across government, business, civil society and beyond are preparing to gather in the Swiss ski resort of Davos...

Davos, Switzerland

9th January 2023

Davos 2023: How to follow

The World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos returns to its traditional January slot for 2023, having taken place in May...

15th December 2022

Getting the most out of live events like Davos

Events are a goldmine for content creation, enabling companies to tell their stories and share key messages in real-time, while also...

Green leaves on a tree

23rd November 2022

Why being seen to be green is not enough: 5 communication lessons from COP27

Being seen to be green has become a crucial part of reputation management for almost every company around the world.

30th September 2022

5 ways to harness the news agenda for your B2B advantage

Tapping into topical issues has the potential to supercharge B2B marketing and engagement.

22nd September 2022

Happiness at work: 5 tips to help remote team members thrive

Two-and-a-half years since COVID-19 first hit, the novelty of working from home has worn off for many people.

6th September 2022

The metaverse is opening up a new world for B2B content. Here’s what you need to know

Can you name a big brand that does not have an internet presence?

22nd August 2022

If you want world-class content, you need world-class project management

“Quality or quantity?” – but how about both?

28th July 2022

Why it pays to invest in innovative design for B2B content

When it comes to getting noticed, B2C marketers often pull out all the stops, as shown in these eye-catching examples from Lego...

15th July 2022

Creating an inclusive workplace for a five-generation workforce

When we talk about the challenges of age in the workplace, our first thought often turns to older workers.

11th July 2022

Why we’re choosing to publish our gender pay gap data

We write a lot about diversity, equity and inclusion for our clients. These are critical subjects for all businesses...

6th July 2022

Keeping it real: why authenticity is the key to effective ESG content

From politicians to estate agents, we can all think of a cringeworthy example of everyday hyperbole and truth-stretching.

29th June 2022

Sustaining the ESG conversation: smart strategies to freshen up tired topics

With many other topics demanding attention in our social feeds – sustainability marketing needs to work...

14th June 2022

Why diverse teams create better content

Helping team members thrive and grow is what gets me out of bed in the morning. 

10th June 2022

From the first cup of Joe to sundowners: What life is like at Formative Content

6th June 2022

Collaborating to upskill Ukrainian refugees

Most of the people forced to leave their homes after Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine are women, children...

27th May 2022

Davos 2022: Sustainability and global risks top the comms agenda

This was a Davos like no other.

20th May 2022

Davos 2022: The key themes and why they matter

13th May 2022

Davos 2022: Here’s how to stay across all the developments

The World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting will take place in Davos from 22-26 May 2022.

26th April 2022

How to turn your corporate leader into an effective industry thought leader

Business leaders have an opportunity to step up and lead the way on the big issues for their industry.

5th April 2022

Cats, broomsticks and babies: Why TikTok is relevant to your B2B marketing


11th March 2022

How to tell your sustainability stories with impact

Your company has a strong commitment to sustainability. But how do you tell your story to B2B audiences in a compelling way?

28th January 2022

Davos Agenda 2022: Connecting with audiences at virtual events

Covering live events is in our DNA at Formative - and over these two pandemic years, we’ve had to pivot to virtual event coverage.

12th January 2022

New Beginnings in 2022: Our shift to employee ownership

There are many reasons 2021 will remain a memorable year – let’s face it, most of them not particularly positive...

28th July 2021

What are the hot topics for COP26 and what’s trending?

With forest fires in Siberia and floods in Europe and China, this month it has been hard to ignore the impact of climate change.

22nd July 2021

3 ways to make ESG content engaging

At first sight, the marketing task looks clear: more Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) content − and fast.


21st July 2021

3 ways to tell your sustainability story with impact

Sustainability is more important to business success than ever before.

8th July 2021

How do you uncover your sustainability stories?

Scroll through your LinkedIn feed. How many of the posts are telling a story about sustainability?

6th July 2021

Stand up to scrutiny: 5 steps to robust sustainability content

Aside from the very obvious moral and ethical obligations, the business case for sustainability content is also increasingly persuasive.

8th June 2021

Why there’s so much more to diversity than a rainbow logo

Yes, we've updated our logo for Pride Month.

9th March 2021

Defending reputation in an age of misinformation: 5 things communicators can do

We all know that social media is a powerful tool for both helping us connect and disseminating information.

2nd February 2021

What is Clubhouse? 5 opportunities for brands, and 5 things to bear in mind

Clubhouse has launched into a world looking for distraction, and it’s fair to say it’s done more than just turn a few heads.

12th November 2020

3 tips to help onboard new employees remotely

We’re in the unusual and fortunate position of recruiting at the moment. 

22nd October 2020

This is why animations are cutting through

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how should we value animations?

24th May 2020

How nature can help us through lockdown

Now two months into our lockdown in the UK, we have all settled –comfortably or otherwise – into our socially-distanced ‘normality’.

21st May 2020

#MentalHealthAwarenessWeek: 5 ways to look after yourself (and others) while working from home

Like many people right now, you’re probably reading this while working from home.

27th April 2020

#Coronacomms: How to develop a comms and content plan for a volunteer network

14th April 2020

#Coronacomms: Coronavirus has prompted a return to authenticity in communications. It could change how we work after the crisis

Three years ago, global TV audiences were enchanted by two young children who invaded their father’s home office...

9th April 2020

#Coronacomms: Turn your virtual presence into an engaging experience

As spare rooms, kitchens or home offices become the new workspaces during lockdown, your teams’ personal lives are increasingly being...

8th April 2020

#Coronacomms: Building a compelling virtual event – 4 key steps

With the coronavirus pandemic forcing everything from daily meetings to conferences online the world is...

3rd April 2020

#Coronacomms – Getting Virtual: tips & techniques to put life back into virtual communications

The difference between crisis communications and business-as-usual communications is like comparing off-road driving with...

26th March 2020

#Coronacomms: Corporate social media at times of crisis

At times like this, when many of us feel concerned and anxious, we all need to be careful about what we say...

16th March 2020

#Coronacomms: How can business leaders communicate with impact in this crisis?

We are in extreme and unusual times.

12th March 2020

#Coronacomms: How can you create a successful virtual event?

As the impact of coronavirus seeps deeper, events, company all-hands and business meetings are being cancelled.

9th March 2020

#Coronacomms: How to be productive when everyone’s working remotely

How would your company function if the entire business had to work from home for an extended period of time?

24th February 2020

What is brand journalism, and why do I need it?

We are living through a crisis of trust.

28th January 2020

3 ways to create data-driven content

Every client I work with has a data story to tell.

18th December 2019

Communicating sustainability: 7 companies doing it well

People care about sustainability. A Google search of the term brings up more than 1 billion results.

11th December 2019

How best to show your company’s commitment to sustainability

You’ve read about it in the papers, your competitors are tweeting it, and your CEO has put it on the agenda for your next meeting.

7th November 2019

5 ways to boost brand awareness without breaking the bank

In its purest ‘does-what-it-says-on-the-tin’ form, it’s the simple notion of making people aware of your brand.

23rd October 2019

5 lessons businesses can learn from charities on Instagram

One in seven of the world’s population is on Instagram, with over 200 million users visiting business profiles every day.

25th September 2019

How the right kind of content can help build trust in your brand

Trust is hard to win and easy to lose – easier than ever, in fact, in today’s world where news travels fast across multiple networks.

4th September 2019

Is it time to embrace TikTok as the next B2B social media platform?

It has half a billion users and was the App Store’s most downloaded app of 2018, beating the likes of Facebook.

1st August 2019

Lessons in content marketing: Why your ‘why’ should come before your ‘what’

Why are you reading this? Your purpose, we’re guessing, is to find out more about content marketing and because that catchy headline...

16th July 2019

How present should a CEO/CMO be on social media?

Let’s get one thing out of the way first: there’s no simple answer to this question.

17th June 2019

4 steps to building your business a better Instagram strategy

When it comes to developing a strategy for Instagram, it can often feel like there’s a lot of pressure to get it right straight away...

20th May 2019

Are you #Seizuresavvy? What my son’s epilepsy has taught me

Epilepsy affects 1 in 100 people. One of them is my son Finn.

17th April 2019

Formative Content CEO Gay Flashman named one of 2019’s Top Female Creatives

Gay Flashman, founder and CEO of Formative Content, is one of just eight women named in the Thrive Global Top Female Creatives of 2019.

16th April 2019

10 common social media myths busted

Are comments always good for engagement? Do emojis increase impressions?

5th April 2019

Why B2B marketing can be as easy as ABM

What’s the secret to B2B marketing success?

18th March 2019

How to make the most of live events for content marketing

If ‘content is king’ then live events are the jewel in the crown – offering a priceless opportunity for brands...

12th March 2019

Introducing the Mental Health First Aid team at Formative

In February, three members of the Formative team became certified Mental Health First Aiders.

30th January 2019

Facebook follows WeChat by going all-in

Facebook has announced its intention to integrate WhatsApp, Instagram and its Messenger app.

19th November 2018

8 steps for growing your online audience

We all want to be noticed. What’s the point in making all that shiny content if no one is looking at it?

1st November 2018

Consumer trust and digital skills will be key to business success in post-Brexit Britain

Marketing has a critical role to play in driving business growth in post-Brexit Britain. How though?

1st August 2018

We cover some of the world’s biggest events. Here’s how to get your event trending on Twitter

Want to get your event trending on Twitter? Well, you’re in luck. That’s one of the things we’re good at here at Formative.

12th July 2018

Why your business may be losing Twitter followers

Organisations may start noticing a drop in their Twitter follower numbers this week.

29th May 2018

How to use Instagram for B2B content marketing

Social media is a constantly changing landscape for marketing professionals.

19th April 2018

How to handle the latest Twitter changes

Watch our definitive explanation.

12th January 2018

How Facebook Newsfeed changes will affect B2B content

Today’s news that Facebook is changing its Newsfeed algorithm will undoubtedly have a major impact on those publishers, organisations...

10th January 2018

A business needs stories to survive and thrive

Inside a cave in southern France there is evidence that humans have told stories since the dawn of time.

22nd November 2017

How to plan a successful corporate video shoot

Whether you’re telling stories about your people, services or products; or you’re providing coverage of an event or conference...

9th November 2017

How to turn interviews into engaging articles

We all like to sound clever. Who doesn’t like to come across as though they understand stuff that other people don’t?

1st November 2017

10 ways to fill your content pipeline with quality content

What happens when the content ideas run dry? How do you make sure that you’re providing consistently engaging, quality content?

26th October 2017

Brand journalism: building online reputations

We, as communicators, brands and organisations, are in a constant battle for the attention of the customer and consumer.

22nd August 2017

5 tips for attention-grabbing social copy

Hello, proof that the advice in this blog works. We’ve got you here thanks to our headline and social copy, so it only seems fair...

17th August 2017

How to curate quality social media content

Whether you’re on your own or a billion dollar multinational, it can seem like you’ve never got enough new stuff...

8th August 2017

Why you should pay for social media advertising

It’s fair to assume that every digital communications strategy today contains an element of social media.

3rd August 2017

All you need to know about creating content for events

Nowadays, there’s little which doesn’t rely on digital to survive, and indeed, thrive. Corporate events are no different...

28th July 2017

What the death of clickbait means for engaging content

We have all seen headlines like the following pop up on our social media feed: “When She Looked Under Her Couch Cushions And Saw THIS…"

19th July 2017

How digital communications can transform the fortunes of financial services

Financial services firms boast a wealth of expertise - the problem is that most fall short when it comes to showcasing their knowhow.

29th June 2017

Session event coverage – the whys and wherefores

What’s the point of an industry event or conference? It’s to bring thought-leaders, academics and practitioners together to share...

20th June 2017

Why you should be writing for an intelligent goldfish

Does this sound like one of your company’s straplines? “Backed by our track record in multi-layer MPLS networking, our NFV/SDN-driven...

31st May 2017

Want to write better blogs? This is how journalists keep their copy sharp

Most writers know the feeling. You sit down to start your article and five minutes later you’re still staring at a blank page.

18th May 2017

Triple award nomination for Formative Content

Formative Content has been nominated for three separate awards in the past month for its digital content creation...

6th April 2017

Live blogs: Why you should have one for your event, and how to do it well

Events are still a crucial part of our business calendars. Most people are fairly comfortable with running a typical event...

31st March 2017

5 ways to elevate your event with quality marketing

The Formative Content offices have been unusually quiet over the past fortnight with our teams working on location around the world...

2nd February 2017

Communication in the age of responsive and responsible leadership

The theme of the 2017 World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos was ‘responsive leadership’.

30th November 2016

How to define true social media success

Defining social media success depends on a number of factors. For most companies the ultimate goal of social media marketing...

10th November 2016

The technologies that are changing events

The transforming and disruptive effects of technology are being felt in all industries, and events are no exception.

13th October 2016

97% of business event customers see digital content as a non-negotiable essential

For an event to be credible, it must have regular blog content and social media postings.

Your event needs a Digital Action Plan – here’s what that means

Traditionally, event planning was all about the event itself, building momentum ahead of the meeting, after which it abruptly dropped...

This is what event organisers think about the future of events

The many challenges facing event organisers have been highlighted by a unique survey into the industry commissioned for a new report...