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The future of events: The challenge of digital

Events need to undergo profound change in order to survive. That’s the clear finding of a new report into the future of the industry, which examines the way digital technologies and content are changing the events landscape.

A survey of event organisers conducted for the Formative Content report The Future of Events: The Challenge of Digital found that more than a third think only significant change will ensure a long-term future for the events sector.

The survey also found that 97% of event attendees feel that an event needs regular blog content and social media postings to be regarded as credible.


Significant challenges

The report explores how the proliferation of mobile devices and availability of information online has created many opportunities for the industry, but is also throwing up significant challenges.

It shows that with the cloud-based video conferencing market expected to be worth $2.9 billion by 2020, and many companies even making their AGMs ‘virtual’, face-to-face meetings are under pressure like never before.

Attendance drivers

Despite the challenges of selling-in large-scale events to clients and to internal audiences, there is still a strong desire to meet people in person. Of the survey participants who had attended a business event recently, almost half went primarily for the networking.

The desire for events is there, but the type of event that customers demand is changing.

Take action

The report includes a range of practical and detailed steps on how event organisers need to engage audiences before, during and after events, through the creation of a Digital Action Plan.

It suggests the content offered to support a live event might range from social media posts, infographics, blogs and longer-form articles, to videos and specially commissioned research.

Find out more in the report, The Future of Events: The Challenge of Digital. Enter your name and email address to download your copy.

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Keith Breene is a Senior Writer at Formative Content, specialising in the creation of first class live reporting, blog writing and film making. Formative Content is a UK based content marketing agency producing high quality content, live event coverage and strategic communications support for clients around the world.

Keith Breene - Senior Writer, Formative Content
Author:Keith Breene - Senior Writer, Formative Content