Your event needs a Digital Action Plan – here’s what that means

Traditionally, event planning was all about the event itself, building momentum ahead of the meeting, after which it abruptly dropped away.

Today, clients expect much, much more: engagement in the run up to the event, a broad range of resources during it and then, after the event is over, for the information, insight and knowledge-sharing to continue.

A new report, The Future of Events: The Challenge of Digital, from Formative Content, examines ways events organisers can meet these new challenges.

A challenge, an opportunity

The report sets out how to develop a bespoke engagement programme – the Digital Action Plan.

By developing content for use before, during and after a meeting, the event gains resonance and reach while its impact is amplified and extended.

It involves pinpointing what your audience is interested in, what information they are seeking to gain knowledge of and which platforms they most traditionally engage with.

Content offered to support a live event might range from a social media post, infographics, and blogs to specially commissioned research.


Three core elements

The key to building a successful plan is ensuring that all content informs and engages around the key topics of the event and provides value and interest to its audience.

It is about constructing a continuous path of engagement which continues before, during and after the event.

Before the event the Digital Action Plan should focus on engaging and sharing: for example through dedicated content hubs, articles, insight and sharable content.

During the event, the plan should turn to curating and creating: live coverage and highly interactive content.

Afterwards it is essential to maintain the conversation and grow the brand beyond the event buy accutane 40 mg until it becomes a destination in itself.

Building the arc

It is a challenging time to be running events. With a fragmented media market and multiple, ever changing technologies, people are being bombarded with information. It is so much harder for event organisers to ensure their voice is heard.

But for innovative, dynamic organisations, this is also a time of almost limitless possibilities. With strategic thinking, audiences can be engaged like never before.

A Digital Action Plan allows event organisers to map out and deliver a complete arc of engagement for their audience – leveraging technologies and content well before the event, during the experience and well after the doors have closed.

For more information on building a Digital Action Plan for your event, download the report, The Future of Events: The Challenge of Digital. Just enter your name and email address below.

Find out more in the report, The Future of Events: The Challenge of Digital. Enter your name and email address to download your copy.

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Keith Breene is a Senior Writer at Formative Content, specialising in the creation of first class live reporting, blog writing and film making. Formative Content is a UK based content marketing agency producing high quality content, live event coverage and strategic communications support for clients around the world.

Formative Content is a UK based communications agency producing high quality content, live event coverage and strategic communications support for clients.

Keith Breene - Senior Writer, Formative Content
Author:Keith Breene - Senior Writer, Formative Content