Davos 2023: What to expect

Davos 2023: What to expect

Davos, Switzerland

Leaders from across government, business, civil society and beyond are preparing to gather in the Swiss ski resort of Davos for the World Economic Forum’s 53rd Annual Meeting

But, at a turbulent time for the global community, what can we expect? 

What is the Davos 2023 theme? 

This year’s overall theme – Cooperation in a Fragmented World – points both to the challenges, but also to the aims of the meeting. 

As the Forum explains, “the world today is at a critical inflection point”. The COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine have triggered multiple linked crises, from energy supply and security to the cost of living.

It is these themes and conversations that are likely to dominate in Davos and also set the tone for the year ahead – as leaders from across sectors and regions look at how to tackle the wide-ranging and interlinked issues they present.

The challenge of polycrises 

The Forum’s latest Global Risk Report points to the rise of interconnected and related crises that exaggerate the effects of each individual crisis – so called polycrises.

These clusters of global risks will bring about unpredictable consequences, likely to be more severe as a result of occurring in combination. 

The report explores the threat of resource rivalry and competition for natural materials. But you could apply the concept to much of what lies ahead for the global community as we enter 2023. 

As always for Davos, the key question will be: “So, what’s the solution?” 

Keeping an eye on solutions 

Interlinked challenges require interlinked solutions. Consider the climate crisis. It’s not something that environmental experts can tackle alone. 

The world of technology has a clear role to play – and there’s no doubt we’ll hear more about Forum initiatives like the First Movers Coalition

But, have you ever considered the role of health in climate action? Or how innovation can contribute to social equality and fairness? 

We expect the juxtaposition of a fractured global community, coupled with the urgent need for collaboration, to shape the week’s conversation – and, indeed, the work we’ll be doing for clients in the months to come. 

For corporate communicators, the themes set to emerge from Davos this year are likely to be so broad and touch on so many issues, they’ll be relevant regardless of your sector or industry. 

But the output we expect to generate the most intrigue – whether during the event or in the weeks and months that follow – will be the kind that explores the connections linking these crises and challenges and how they can be solved through collaborative innovation. 



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Gay Flashman - CEO, Formative Content
Author:Gay Flashman - CEO, Formative Content