Davos 2022: Here’s how to stay across all the developments

Davos 2022: Here’s how to stay across all the developments

The World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting will take place in Davos from 22-26 May 2022. Normally a focus date in everyone’s January diary, it’s been moved to the late spring this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

But, with the conversations in the Swiss mountains likely to help shape priorities for businesses, civil society and governments for the year ahead, it’s vital to stay across the themes and topics that emerge. 

What will participants be talking about at Davos 2022? 

This will be the Forum’s first in-person meeting since the start of the pandemic and comes at a challenging time for the global community. 

Rapid inflation, the war in Ukraine and food and energy security challenges will be just some of the issues on the agenda at a pivotal moment in, arguably, world history.

There’ll be a lot to keep across, with discussions likely to touch on everything from the future of work to reaching net zero. The themes and talking points that emerge will be critical for corporate communication leaders in shaping their strategy for the next 6-12 months. So, how can you keep up with everything that will be going on? 

How to follow Davos 2022

You’ll be able to keep up with everything that’s going on in a variety of ways. 

World Economic Forum social media 

There’ll be updates, live streams, blogs, videos and more across the Forum’s social media channels using the hashtag #wef22. 

Make sure to follow them, too, and keep up to date:







Weibo and WeChat – Follow them on 世界经济论坛. The official hashtag is #2022达沃斯年会#.

World Economic Forum website

You’ll be able to watch 100s of live-streamed sessions at wef.ch/wef22. There you’ll also be able to find all the articles and opinion pieces written for Davos 2022 – whether that’s ahead of time, during the event or afterwards. 

There’s also the live highlights section that’ll run throughout the week, bringing you key talking points, best bits and things you mustn’t miss. 

Pictures from Davos

You’ll be able to see a selection of the best pictures from the event at #wef22 on Flickr. These are available free of charge under the creative commons licence. 

What is Formative doing? 

We’ll have teams on the ground and remotely covering the event for our clients. We’ll also share our own thoughts on the key topics and themes that emerge throughout the week – in particular, what they mean for corporate communications in the year ahead. 

Make sure to follow Formative Content and me on LinkedIn for all the latest. 

Gay Flashman - CEO, Formative Content
Author:Gay Flashman - CEO, Formative Content