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All you need to know about creating content for events

Nowadays, there’s little which doesn’t rely on digital to survive, and indeed, thrive. Corporate events are no different. They no longer begin and end at the venue. And really good event content can help to maintain a digital edge over your competitors. With enough shares and impressions, your event will be a success before it has even taken place, and long afterwards.

Quality content is a sure fire way of reaching your audience in a variety of ways, capturing the insight, energy and buzz of the event. 97% of business event attendees see digital content as a ‘non-negotiable essential’.

Here are five key things to consider when creating content for events:

1. Tie your content to the event. 
For a digital event campaign to succeed, your event objective needs to inform all of your content – whether it’s to unveil a new product, relaunch your businesses brand or bring together clients and prospects. Your content should inform and expand upon the subjects covered in your event, and link back to your business objectives.

2. Create an extensive, realistic content schedule.
What sort of content do you want to create? What do you want to reveal before the event and what highlights do you want to focus on afterwards? Answering these questions will allow you to create a dynamic content schedule that combines pre-written content, live or quick-turnaround blogs and video coverage.

3. Session event coverage.
Live blogs are a great way to remain active on social media during an event. You can analyse what key speakers have said and keep cialis online texas those who couldn’t make your event informed. It also gives you an opportunity to tag speakers on social media which increases the chances of them sharing your content. Read this post for more information on live blogs.

4. Create an event hashtag.
An event hashtag is a guaranteed way to bring traffic to your website. By publicising your hashtag before the event, you can encourage guests to tag you in their tweets at the event. Tweets with one or two hashtags can increase social engagement by up to 100%. Through word of mouth, or word of social media, your event – and, by association, your company – can attract wider and wider circles of attention. You can find out more about using event hashtags here.

5. Don’t let the content suffer.
Once you’ve decided to provide quality content, commit to it. The worst thing for the digital impact of an event is inconsistency. The frequency and quality of content shows your followers how committed you are to the event and the opinions expressed therein.


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Sam Bridgeworth is a Content Producer in our newsroom.

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Sam Bridgeworth - Content Manager, Formative Content
Author:Sam Bridgeworth - Content Manager, Formative Content