Looking back on 2016

Brexit, Donald Trump’s victory, the Rio Olympics- 2016 has been a year of global news- that has played out across our screens and social media platforms.

Content production and sharing has never been more prominent, so below we’ve collected 2016’s top social and content marketing highlights of the year:


1. Facebook Live

2016 was the year of video.

Facebook Live kicked off in 2015, but has been steadily growing in popularity as more and more brands and businesses find ways to utilize it and connect with a wider audience. It looks like that’s only set to increase, with Cisco predicting that by 2020- 80% of consumer traffic will be video.

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2. Twitter character limit changes

Famous for its 140-character limit, 2016 saw Twitter make the change to how we condense our tweets to the audience.

Media attachments (images, GIFs, videos, polls, etc.) and quoted tweets no longer reduced the count, giving users more flexibility when they’re sharing.

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3. Snapchat Live Event Streaming

Video content has seen a huge spike in popularity over the past few years. People want more “live” and in-the-moment updates, and Snapchat has responded to that, with the introduction of live event streaming- “Snapchat Live Stories”.

Reaching across the globe users can partake in sharing their own photo and video images which are then broadcast to all other Snapchat followers for 24 hours.


4. Instagram

Recently topping 400 million monthly active users, the Instagram platform continued to gain significant attention from social media marketers, and even more so now, with expanded ad options and continued video growth.

And let’s not forget about the new standalone app, Boomerang, for looping one-second videos that can be shared on your profile.


5. Vine shuts down

However, 2016 was not as prosperous for some social media apps; Twitter shut down Vine-,the 6 second video sharing app.

Competition from Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube made it difficult to stand out from the pack, and according to data, Vine has since dropped to No. 284 in the top charts for free applications on iOS, down from the low 100s at the beginning of the year.


6. Mobile use

Mobile devices became the primary (not secondary) screen for most social media users. In 2015, mobile traffic finally overtook desktop traffic in 10 countries, including the US and Japan. This looks only set to increase and is something that content creators should consider for 2017.


7. Pokémon Go

The beginnings of augmented reality that came about in 2016 are changing the face of gaming. The app ‘Pokémon Go’ became a global sensation- with over 100 million downloads.

2016 marked the beginning of a new era of technology and mobile gaming.

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8. Popularity of Memes

Although not a new addition to the world of content, memes have rocketed over 2016.

The US presidential campaign, the gorilla Harambe and images of Joe Biden with funny captions took over our newsfeeds – and only seem to be growing in popularity.


9. Silent Video

Alongside advances in video content as a whole the concept of “silent video” became a huge part of 2016 and the social media landscape.These are videos that can be read and understood on a Facebook newsfeed without any sound.

News-media outlets such as AJ+ have found particular success with this style of video.


10. Native Ads

Native advertising refers to click-through content to increase sharing. It is paid, targeted and well placed amidst similar editorial content. It lends credibility to a brand, and is changing the way marketers present brands in their copy. It works- and is gaining prevalence.


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