5 reasons why your business needs a content marketing strategy

Content marketing is no longer a buzz word, it’s a fully-fledged marketing discipline that commands a sizeable chunk of big-brand marketing budgets.

While most of the world’s big names have cottoned on to the importance of content in it’s marketing strategy, some business owners are still new to the concept.

In a nutshell, content marketing has propelled brand positioning across digital platforms. Done well, it generates leads, builds credibility and forges stronger relationships with customers.

Here are 5 of our top reasons why your business will benefit from a content marketing plan:

1. Advertising is so 2010: it’s fair to say we’re all pretty tech savvy these days, and our attention spans when surfing the net are also fairly short. People are wise to traditional digital advertising (banner ads and pop-ups, for example) and now more than 200 million people use ad blockers. Content marketing offers something different – useful, intelligent and/or entertaining information that engages with the reader rather than dictates to them.

2. It’s cost effective: content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing. You have control of content production, and whether you engage with an expert agency or not, you’re still avoiding typical third party costs of placing adverts, and negotiating advertorials. Creating a solid content plan ensures you make the most of your time vs. resource ratio and still get great results.

3. Boost your website traffic by 7.8 times! High quality, intelligent content, published on the right platforms and aimed at the right audience can significantly increase traffic to your brand’s website, says Neil Patel. More traffic = increased brand awareness.

4. Own your brand story: That’s right – take back control of your brand story, and decide what is said, when it’s published and who sees it. The art of storytelling is an increasingly important theme in content marketing, and one that B2B marketers are becoming more adept at. Check out our blog about how to master storytelling here.

5. It just works. Content marketing does the job of marketing, PR and advertising rolled into one. It creates awareness and builds influence by producing helpful content with no associated catch. It attracts new business, and retains existing customers. No matter how big or small your brand, content marketing should be an integral part of your 2017 marketing strategy.


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Jenny Morris heads up Formative Content’s PR team and specialises in campaign strategy and corporate communications.

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