5 examples of amazing Facebook Video campaigns

Creating strong, original and interesting content is at the heart of content marketing success – but alongside this, it’s important to recognize trends in social media and where the future of content is taking us.

Thanks to the growth of platforms like YouTube, Vine, and Vimeo, video is becoming an increasingly effective marketing channel. Particularly the use of Facebook video in building on your brand.

It’s been suggested that by 2017, video marketing will account for 69% of all consumer traffic, with 85% of companies finding value in use video marketing as a strategy.

Through effective video campaigns you can increase content engagement and click through rates for your own business.

So here are some of the most amazing Facebook video campaigns we’ve tracked down – and what you (and your business) can learn from them:


1. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


One of the most successful video campaigns of the previous year was the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Simplistic, personable and highly influential- the video challenge managed to become a viral hit, with normal people, influencers and celebrities alike taking part.

The ALS Association claims it received more than $31.5 million in donations because of the challenge and have since made breakthroughs in treating the disease.

The campaign is a prime example of how a simple video idea can become a huge success – and a great way to understand the power of viral video marketing.

The takeaway suggests that social challenges and campaigns need to be unique to stand out.


2. #Likeagirl- Always


Always’ “Like a Girl” campaign used the famous insult to grab your attention — and then change the conversation about what it means to run, throw, and fight “like a girl.”

An empowering, positive and relatable video, the campaign achieved more than 85m global views on YouTube from 150+ countries.


3. Intel: “Meet the Makers” Series


Being one of the world’s tech leaders, Intel have broken away from traditional videos and focused instead on a variety of video content, from tutorials, personal stories and showcasing the people behind the brand.

The ‘Meet the Makers’ series, allowed the brand to relate to their consumers on a personal level, but also to creatively advertise their own product. Providing viewers with an inspirational look at how technology is changing our experiences, this became one of Intel’s most successful campaigns.


4. Cisco


Another tech company embracing the importance of video marketing in their campaigns are global software brand, Cisco.

With 58 million impressions, 4.9 million views, and over 258,000 hours of engagement last year, Cisco develops videos that offer insight into the company, the CEO and the brand – but also retains an entertaining and personable spin.


5. Google Android- “Friends Furever”


Android’s “Friends Furever” video is simple, sweet, curated — and was the most-shared video ad of 2015.

The video demonstrates that even the simplest of videos can be shareable with the right subject matter. By creating broad appeal, emotional connection and sharability this video has amassed millions of views, and was shared over 6.4 million times.

Although you may not be creating viral videos there are important lessons to learn from each of these campaigns. Keep it simple, personable, informative and short and you are well on your way to video success.


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